Fact Family Worksheets for First Grade

Help your first grade kids to study the concept of fact family using these hands-on printable teaching resources! Free fact family worksheets for first grade are available to help you evaluate your first grade students’ understanding in working on fact family problems. Get these fact family worksheets and help your children comprehend the relationship of number.

fact family worksheets for first grade addition

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Times Table Charts 1-12

The best selections of times table charts 1-12 are here for you to be printed! Learning multiplication by numbers from 1 to 12 is a must for children who want to sharpen their multiplication skills. Using time table chart is one of the ways for children to memorize any multiplication. Check out these time table charts provided below and save them by right clicking the chosen image!

times table chart 1-12 blue

image via www.wisdomwallcharts.com

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Medieval Activities for Kids

Help yourself to introduce about Medieval Period to your children or students by giving them the following Medieval activities for kids worksheets. These worksheets include fun and interesting exercises with medieval pictures and theme. Provided in high quality definition, scroll down to the bottom to get wider options of the worksheets!

medieval activities for kids castle

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Basketball Activities for Kids

For your little learners who like basketball, this time we have a collection of the best basketball activities for kids that you can use as the teaching resources for your kids’ activity. With a variety of exercises, don’t hesitate to scroll down to the bottom to choose the perfect activity worksheets for your kids.

basketball activities for kids coloring

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Free Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Make your kids’ study time way more interesting by doing some games with them! This time we have a collection of free word search puzzles for kids are available with many themes! In these word search worksheets, there are words hidden in the pool of letters. You can use these word search worksheets as the media to make a competition game between your students. Check out these word search worksheets provided in the images below!

free word search puzzles for kids fall

image via www.freekidscrafts.com

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Lowercase Alphabet Worksheets

Teach and introduce your children to lowercase alphabet letters by giving them the right media and resources, and this time we have a collection of lowercase alphabet worksheets for your kids to try on! Lowercase writing is sometimes called as small letters, in which widely used in writing. These lowercase letters worksheets are printable for your children to learn more about small letter writing! Check out the images below!

lowercase letters worksheet fall

image via www.allkidsnetwork.com

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Free Odd Number Charts

A handful of odd numbers charts are available in high quality! Help your kids to understand and memorize the odd numbers by giving them these charts of odd number sequences from 1 to 100. These number charts will help them learning about odd numbers in their correct order. Check out and follow these number charts below!

odd numbers chart for kids

image via www.math-drills.com

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Fun Work Sheets Printable

Handful resources of fun work sheets for your kids’ media in their study time are available in various options. A large collection of simple but fun and interesting worksheets in high definition is ready for you to print and hand to your kids! There are grammar matching, pattern, story, and many more interesting worksheets that you can select and choose for your children. The worksheets are provided in the images below.

fun work sheets connect

image via www.mes-english.com

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Free Alphabet Worksheets 2017

Help your kids in learning alphabet by giving them these hands-on and printable free alphabet worksheets! These worksheets consist of alphabet charts and tracing pages as the media to evaluate children’s skills and ability in tracing, understanding, and writing alphabets. The alphabet worksheets posted below are printable and you just need to simply click on the image, enlarge, and right click to save them! Scroll down to see all the worksheets!

free alphabet worksheets learning

image via www.studyvillage.com

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New Times Table Charts 2017

A handful of large selection of times table chart is available for you to help your children in evaluating Math multiplication. In this post, there are many types of multiplication charts that we have provided for you that you can use for your children. Provided below is the colorful 1-12 multiplication table. Don’t hesitate to scroll down to the bottom to choose the time tables sheets!

times table chart blue

image via www.cargocollective.com

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