This way, Ramadan forms one of the most special months in the life of Muslims, with the essence of fasting, prayers, and reuniting with families and friends. A time so that we may come closer to God, a lesson through patience, spirituality, humanity. For children, Ramadan can be an interesting, amusing, and even educative month, especially with activities like coloring. offers a new way, in the form of coloring pages, for kids to learn about Ramadan. The pages are free to print, and therefore, available to children from any age of awareness and from any background. The pages display scenes and symbols of Ramadan, so it makes the kids liable to understand Ramadan-the cartoon lanterns that glow at night or the crescent-in an easy and amusing way, therefore, representing an adorable way to denote the inceptive phase of Ramadan.

These color pages will keep the kids busy and explain to them how important Ramadan is. All these resources may be used by parents and teachers to make children learn about Ramadan in the most interesting and effective way. Kids will feel the spirit of Ramadan coloring.

Ramadan Coloring Pages

Ramadan Coloring Pages Printable

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Ramadan Color Pages

Printable Ramadan Coloring Pages

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Free Ramadan Coloring Pages

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Why Coloring Pages Are Ideal for Ramadan?

Coloring from the following pages can be called the best activity for children during the months of Ramadan for some very simple reasons; one, they are fun, and two, they are a source of knowledge. Children are always up to some serious coloring business; through coloring pictures on Ramadan, they go through a learning process that does not really make them feel the burden of learning.

Coloring helps children become imaginative, and such children usually decide what color will be used for the mosque, moon, and other items on the sheet. Making such a decision helps them think and accordingly use the colors in imaginative ways. On top of that, kids exercise their hands very carefully in making use of their crayons or markers, benefiting from their development.

This is just not a fun and creative exercise but is supposed to turn into an activity that calms the mind and builds up concentration. This really goes well with the spirit of Ramadan in that it is quiet, one engages in reflection, they are at peace, and restful. It gives the kids such a peaceful moment in their tight days of Ramadan.

This means children usually learn through coloring. Therefore, it is from Ramadan coloring pages that children will learn a series of learnings across most important symbols and practice of a crescent, breaking a fast, and dates. In this respect, children can learn cultures and their religion easily, amusingly.

It’s a nice option for kids coloring during Ramadan. It is an activity fun that, while it keeps a child calm, sparks off his creativity. They are definitely a great educational tool when it comes to explaining kids everything about Ramadan and its traditions.

Featured Ramadan Coloring Pages on

Besides, at, you will find nice coloring pages on the theme of Ramadan. We will tell you about four types of them.

  • Ramadan Lanterns: Your little artist can color some grand images of ‘Fanous’, which is a large, holy, beautiful lantern that a person hangs in his or her home, in the streets, or courtyards during Ramadan. This shows the street and homes look nice and luminous. Coloring in these lanterns will show the kids how they bring light and happiness to this blessed month.
  • Crescent Moon and a Star: There is also a crescent moon with a bit of a star, highly symbolic of Islam. It gives out a message that it is a month of Ramadan. The kids get to know something about these symbols and how that is a sign of the month of fasting.
  • Dates and Fruits: This food is eaten at the time of breaking the fast, or the part that is the meal. The coloring page is a fun and easy way to introduce the kids to this tradition of sharing meals with the family energy.
  • Mosque: This is a picture of the mosque, where people meet for their prayers and to share information and especially in concern for the Ramadhan period. By giving color, the mosque will teach children not only as a place for them to understand praying, but also to learn about making celebrations to remember Ramadan as one great society.

There is; it makes the above coloring pages much more than just fun, but it is a tool for learning about Ramadan and its traditions simply and inspiringly.

Tips for Easy Ramadan Coloring Pages

When choosing the pages to color during Ramadan, they must be easy and fun for the kids. Some tips for use in ensuring the pages are easy and fun for the kids to color are as indicated here.

  • Big and Clear Lines – The lines in your choice of coloring sheets bearing in mind the age of the child should be nice and big but also very clear. Obviously, the clearer these lines are, the easier it is going to be for them to color inside of them and feel good about what they are able to create. This is also highly supportive of the younger lot who, without much exposure, or rather prefers happy-colored pictures.
  • Simple Pictures – The best to keep simple pictures which are not too intricate for these kids. It is too detailed will only come if the children might get frustrated. The simple and light pictures about the lantern or moon will keep it delightful and let kids exit finishing their artwork feeling proud.
  • Use bright colors – Use the brilliant of colors as it is a special and joyful month. For example, tell your kids that they can make use of colors like yellow, orange, and green to make their pictures look just joyful, like Ramadan. In this way, coloring also turns out to be a celebration of the month.

With these few tips at the back of one’s mind, coloring becomes a great idea for kids this Ramadan.


1. Why should kids color Ramadan pages?

Coloring of Ramadan pages is one of the interesting ways that can tell your kid about how it is celebrated. This is the most creative way that can possibly discuss all the special symbols of the month and the practices attached to it.

2. Can all kids use these coloring pages?

Yes, there are coloring pages that will be fun for children two to ninety-nine. You maybe wanted the easier ones if you’re getting them for younger kids and the pages who many fine details may be something that older kids just.

3. Do these pages help kids understand Ramadan better?

Yes, coloring the ramadan related pages is able to teach the kids about important things such as when one actually breaks the fast, which is from looking at the crescent moon, and the best way to break the fast is by having the meal together. Learning the month is fun affairs from such an approach.

4. Where can I find these coloring pages?

You can have Ramadan coloring pages freely at websites like There are countless free designs that a person can print.

5. How can we include coloring in our Ramadan activities?

This can be an activity that may be given its due importance by having a time allocated to it every day, perhaps post-evening meal just for Ramadan. It is also a good way in this Ramadan time when children ponder over whatever they have learned.