This way, Ramadan forms one of the most special months in the life of Muslims, with the essence of fasting, prayers, and reuniting with families and friends. A time so that we may come closer to God, a lesson through patience, spirituality, humanity. For children, Ramadan can be an interesting, amusing, and even educative month, especially with activities like coloring. offers a new way, in the form of coloring pages, for kids to learn about Ramadan. The pages are free to print, and therefore, available to children from any age of awareness and from any background. The pages display scenes and symbols of Ramadan, so it makes the kids liable to understand Ramadan-the cartoon lanterns that glow at night or the crescent-in an easy and amusing way, therefore, representing an adorable way to denote the inceptive phase of Ramadan.

These color pages will keep the kids busy and explain to them how important Ramadan is. All these resources may be used by parents and teachers to make children learn about Ramadan in the most interesting and effective way. Kids will feel the spirit of Ramadan coloring.

Ramadan Coloring Pages

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