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Blank Clock Faces Printable

This time we have prepared for your children several blank clock faces that they can use as the media to learn telling time. These clock faces are provided without the pointer in order to let the children draw the pointer themselves.

To start the learning, we provide you the clock faces which are equipped with the pointer as posted below.

blank clock face to learn

image via cliparts.co

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Blank Clock Faces for Exercises

Are your children in the middle of learning how to read clock? If they are, you’d better stop by here and get all these new¬†blank clock faces¬†for your kids as the media for them to train their clock reading and naming.

Pictures posted below are clock faces without the ticking machines, you can ask your kids to draw the ticking machines themselves according to the questioned time!

blank clock faces square

image via www.clipartbest.com

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