Who’s here still learning how to count from 1-20? Tonight we have many great 1-20 number chart for teachers who need teaching materials or media for their students.

The basic counting from 1-20 is the standard assessment point to know whether your students have already mastered in number counting accordingly or not. Let’s check out these number charts!

1-20 number chart 2016

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Learning how to count is an important thing to do in early school. Preschool children need to be recognized to number before they enter formal school. This is purposed to make the students understand the counting materials that will be taught in formal school. In this regard, 1-20 number chart will be a great help in learning to count number.

1-20 number chart for kids

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First, you can give examples on how to count accordingly from 1 to 20. After that, ask your preschool children to repeat what you have counted. Doing this activity repetitively will help your preschool children memorize the number quicker. Don’t forget to show the number chart to them when you are giving examples on how to count.

1-20 number chart printable

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1-20 number chart colour

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Number is just as important as alphabet. Make sure you make the activity of counting number as fun as possible by inserting certain games inbetween the activities. Good luck!