Welcome to activity shelter. The site that provides you with a lot of free resources of kids worksheets for educational purpose. These ABC tracing Sheets for Preschool and Kindergarten allow children to trace the letters to help him/her understanding ABC letter easily.

Here are some ways on how to use this tracing pages with younger children (preschool).

ABC tracing Sheets Preschool Uppercase 2016

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Firstly first, have the child identify the letter on the page. Point and teach them about the differences of capital and lowercase letter. For preschool, teach them to sound the ABC tracing Sheets clearly. Stress the letter’s sound in the sample words, for example AAAple, for the A.

ABC tracing Sheets A-Z printable

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Teach them to trace the upper case letters of ABC, and then they can trace the lower case letters. It is also a good way to try a few without tracing. Hang the finished page in a wall of honor in class to show how proud you are of their accomplishments.  A smiling or star sticker for a job well done is always nice!

ABC tracing Sheets Preschool lowercase 2016

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And here is an alternate way for kindergarten aged kids (4-6 years old) to trace all the capital letters and lower case letters.

Firstly, count the capital letters in the first line and then write the number beside (Repeat the step until the last line). Next, estimate the small letters, count them.  How close was the child’s estimate.  Ask if their estimate was greater or less than what they counted.

ABC tracing Sheets capital cursive

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Ask your child or student to write the short story behind the tracer page (sound out the words). Don’t forget to write the words, spelling them properly.  Point out where the child got letters right. It is also great to give them star stamp for a good well done job.

ABC tracing Sheets lowercase cursive

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If you find this ABC tracing Sheets helpful for you, don’t hesitate to share and use it for educational purpose. Have a good day!