Have you ever tried to ask your children to do some balance scale worksheets? If you haven’t, you better try them out right now by giving them these balancing scale worksheets which can be used to test their ability and skill in calculating numbers and make a balanced count between two numbers.

These worksheets are designed in various exercises so that your children will not be bored in working out the exercises.

balance scale worksheet practice

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In the balance scale worksheet above, make the scale balance by using addition and substraction to find the missing numbers and to balance the weight. Make sure that the addition balances perfectly with the number on the opposite edge so that the weight will be the same. Other balancing worksheets are provided below.

balance scale worksheet new

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balance scale worksheet free

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To keep the scale balance, ask your children to draw or write the balancing numbers so that the ‘pan’ will not go down. These exercises mainly deal with addition and substraction.

balance scale worksheet for student

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balance scale worksheet for school

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balance scale worksheet 2016

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Fill in the blank shapes with the correct fraction to make or keep the seesaw balance. If children are able to make these seesaws balance, that means they already mastered calculating strategy. Don’t forget to give them rewards that you can find in other posts on this site. Good luck!