Learning to recognize and write the proper capital form of alphabets is an important lesson for children. This time we will share to you several printable¬†capital alphabet letters¬†to be used as your kids’ alphabet writing¬†learning media.

Since there are two types of alphabet writing, capital and small, children need to be acknowledged to both of those writing. Let’s start by teaching them about the capital one!

capital alphabet letters writing

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The numbers written on each side of the alphabet letter shows how the letter should be made chronologically. Children just need to follow the numbers to properly write the letter. Ask them to repeat writing the letters until they fully understand how to write them capitally.

capital alphabet letters green

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capital alphabet letters new

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capital alphabet letters simple

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You can also print these capital alphabet letters as cards and hand them to your children to be used as bingo and play a letter-guessing game. Children will surely like the colorful and various designs of the cards.

capital alphabet letters free

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capital alphabet letters for kids

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capital alphabet letters 2016

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These capital letter sheets are usable for children’s learning media to memorize and understand the forms of alphabets. Developing your children’s writing skill will be more effective if you know the right media to be used. See you!