Hello, kids! Have you ever tried doing a coloring activity by numbers? Coloring by numbers trains children’s ability in counting and recognizing numbers.

For this reason, this time we will share to you a variety color by number pictures that you can choose, save and print for your kids. Check out these worksheets below!


image via www.ginormasource.com

Your children will sure love these coloring sheets with a variety of drawings. They will learn to sequence the numbers to color in the whole pictures. Their ability in learning number will improve faster as they will always color the drawing according to the given number. Other kinds of color by number pictures are presented as follows.


image via www.freekidscoloringandcrafts.com


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image via www.thehungryhousewife.com

To color these pictures, tell your kids to use their favorite crayons, markers, or water colors and use the numerical guides within each picture to select the right colors. To get the picture, just click on the picture that you have chosen and print it in the larger image.


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image via dopepicz.com

Make your older kids’ learning activity more fun by giving them these interesting coloring sheets! Have a fun and creative activity!