What day is it today? Help your kids learning more about days by using these printable¬†days of the week worksheets designed to test and train children’s knowledge in memorizing days.

This set of worksheets are made to assist kids to learn, recognize, write, and put all the days of the week in order. Days ranging from Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday are provided including the writing practice version.

Days of the Week Worksheets Tracing and Writing

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Using the writing days of the week worksheet above, children’s ability in writing the names of the days accordingly can be assessed. After they are familiar with the names of the days and how to spell and write them, continue by giving them the more modified exercises like the ones posted below.

days of the week worksheet printable

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Don’t forget to teach and guide them well in remembering the concept of days, its proper order, and about the time elapses of days in prior to their exercises. This is intended to avoid the children from getting confused upon the orders of the days. There is also a coloring version of the worksheets that you can give to your children as a days of the week worksheet as well as a coloring page. See it below.

Days of the Week Worksheets Scramble

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Days of the Week Worksheets Order

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Hopefully your children’s knowledge in understanding days of the week will improve by doing this exercises!