Which kindergarten and preschool students do not enjoy doing Dot to Dots activity? Certainly, any kids in kindergarten or preschool enjoy connecting dot to dots pictures.

It helps them to learn reading and counting practice. In this occasion, we have several dot to dots worksheets for kids which teachers or parents can use to help them in learning activities.

dot to dots rabbit

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Banana is by far the simplest picture that can be used as a means for dot to dots activity by children in kindergarten and preschool. Simply instruct the kids to connect the dot starting from dot number 1 to number 2 and thus chronologically in accordance with the numbers until the line is all connected and a complete picture appears.

dot to dots for kids

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dot to dots elephant

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dot to dots new

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dot to dots pumpkin

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The dot to dots worksheets above are drawn using a whale, elephant, christmas tree, and an apple figurines. By guiding the kids to connect the number provided in the worksheets, the complete shapes of the pictures will gradually show up. The slightly more challenging worksheets are provided below.

dot to dots preschool

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dot to dots robot

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dot to dots free

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Dot to dot activity is one of the ways to help your children learn to count in a sequence. Therefore, you can print all the worksheets above to have your children learn number sequences in a fun and interesting way!