Let’s teach your students and children to calculate elapsed time using elapsed time ruler for kids. Children are sometimes troubled with adding or subtracting minutes or hours.

Telling the elapsed time is not easy for children if they do not understand how to calculate it. To assist children in calculate elapsed time, use these elapsed time rulers that we have prepared below!

elapsed time ruler template

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The concept of elapsed time is one of the most difficult concepts to teach. There are many aspects and details which teachers have to pay attention to when they are teaching their students about the concept of elapsed time. One of the media used to teach it is elapsed time ruler. 

elapsed time ruler 2016

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First of all, make your kids understand the concept of one hour. Transitioning between a.m. and p.m. will be easier if your children understand the concept of hour, 1-45, and 1-15 minute pieces. Using the time ruler, children will be able to concretely see the elapsing time.

elapsed time ruler yellow

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In learning to calculate the elapsed time, using concrete media is more effective than the abstract ones. Hopefully these elapsed time ruler will be a source of help for you to teach your children the concept of elapsed time.