What a perfect time to learn telling time! In this precious occasion, we have prepared for your children several free clock faces that they can use as the media to learn telling time. These clock faces are especially designed without the pointer in order to let the children draw the pointer themselves.

To start the learning, check out the image of clock face presented in the post below.

free clock faces blank

image via etc.usf.edu

On a clock face, there are four elements that children need to pay attention to. First, the numbers cycling the clock face. On other clock faces, the numbers are sometimes in Roman or only dots. It shows the hour of time. Second, the hour pointer which is quite short and move slowly. Third, they have to recognize the minute pointer. It is longer than the hour one. Last, the pointer which is always ticking is the second pointer. There are quite a number of designs of clock face that are available in this post.

free clock faces design

image via freecoloringpages.co.uk

free clock faces interesting

image via homesweetother.com

free clock faces nice

image via eaglelakewoodworking.com

By working on these free clock faces, children will be able to eventually understand the concept of time. After children understood the concept of time and how to tell it, it will be easier for them to recognize and make use of time on their own.

free clock faces printable

image via pinterest.com

free clock faces simple

image via clipartbest.com

free clock faces template

image via clipartbest.com

For better understanding in learning time, make sure to give your children these clock face and don’t forget to gift them with rewards after they’re done drawing time!