Hello, kids! Want to do something challenging but fun? This time we have collected the best color by number worksheets for you to print. These worksheets contain the combination of coloring activity and counting games. What you need to do is just coloring the pictures based on numbers.

Coloring by numbers trains children’s ability in counting and recognizing numbers. Sound interesting, right? These worksheets are made by combining coloring, counting or math operation, and games. Take a look at the first hidden picture posted below to see how it looks like.


image via www.theconstantkindergartener.blogspot.com

In these worksheets, there are pictures hidden in numbers. Your children only need to color the pictures according to the sequence of numbers. They will sure love these coloring sheets with a variety of drawings. Moreover, they will also learn to sequence the numbers to color in the whole pictures. Their ability in learning number will improve faster as they will always color the drawing according to the given number. The image above is a color by numbers worksheet which contains a picture of a mouse and a Christmas tree. However, the picture barely appears if the exercises are not completed. You have to color the pictures according to the given rule so that the hidden image of the mouse and the tree will gradually show up. Other hidden pictures exercises can be seen in the following images.


image via www.sandiegodealsandsteals.com


image via www.ecoloringpage.com


image via www.pinterest.com

There are certain rules in coloring these hidden picture worksheets. The color that you have to use is also decided. You have to solve the operation to know what color you have to use. To color these pictures, tell your kids to use their favorite crayons, markers, or water colors and use the numerical guides within each picture to select the right colors. To get the picture, just click on the picture that you have chosen and print it in the larger image.


image via www.allkidsnetwork.com


image via www.squareheadteachers.com


image via www.nonnaandme.blogspot.com

The learning activity of hidden pictures can be said as successful if the hidden pictures are found and appear clearly after being colored. For a fun gaming and learning activity, these hidden pictures will sure be a great help! Make your older kids’ learning activity more fun by giving them these interesting coloring sheets! Have a fun and creative activity!