Feeling like doing some challenges? This time we have collected the best hard color by numbers worksheets for you to print. In finishing these worksheets, there are certain rules in coloring these sheets, like you have to solve each math operation and many more. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the written rules.

You can give these worksheet to your kids. These worksheets will help to develop children’s ability in counting and coloring numbers. Scroll down the post to see and save the worksheets.

hard color by number worksheets bear

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There are certain rules on each worksheets on how to colorize the pictures based on numbers. By working on these worksheets, children’s ability in learning numbers will improve faster. The image above is a hard color by numbers worksheet which contains math operations. Other exercises can be seen in the following images.

hard color by number worksheets division

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hard color by number worksheets fish

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hard color by number worksheets free

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In the worksheet above, the rule is that the colors that you have to use are also decided. You have to solve the operation to know what color you are going to use. Tell your kids to use their favorite crayons, markers, or water colors and use the numerical guides within each picture to select the right colors. Just click on the picture that you have chosen and print it in the larger image.

hard color by number worksheets fruits

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hard color by number worksheets girl

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hard color by number worksheets subtraction

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Challenge your kids and make your kids’ learning activity more fun by giving them these interesting coloring sheets! Have fun and see you on the next post!