What is about cars that kids love? There is just something fascinating about toy cars, especially for boys. If your little engineer loves cars and wants to know parts of it, then this page will surely be a handful of help!

Lots of free Kids Cars and Parts for preschoolers are available in the following images! Below you will find five car parts diagram for your kids.

Kids Cars and Parts Language

image via aliimg.com

We have a lovely set of Kids Cars and Parts. Car toys are a part of your kids’ everyday life. Even though they can’t drive yet, the cars still give effect to the mood of the kids. These Car Parts diagrams use simple sentences to teach students car vocabulary. The car pictures will appeal to early-emergent readers as they decode the text using the repetitive sentence pattern.

Kids Cars and Parts Ferrari

image via bigtoysusa.com

Kids Cars and Parts English

image via kiddoshelter.com

It’s never too early to teach someone the basics of auto maintenance, or to answer common auto repair questions. These car part sheets draw on a topic familiar to most children to teach about deconstructing an object into parts, as well as author’s purpose, and nouns.

Kids Cars and Parts Diagram

image via kiddoshelter.com

Kids Cars and Parts Detailed

image via mylessons.blogia.com

A super simple idea for exploring the parts of a car with preschool age children! Save and print this car parts collection and make sure your boys know well the parts of their car toys!