What plan do you have for your students’ activity this week? If you have a plan to do a writing activity, we have lined paper for writing that you can print and use for your students’ writing practice sheets.

Take a look at the lined paper we posted below!

lined paper for writing simple

image via lorryman.com

For students who are still in the beginning step of learning to write, you can use the wide lined paper for writing that we posted above. Since children’s writings mostly appear messy, the usage of the wide lined paper will be more effective.

lined paper for writing santa

image via mamaseal.es.tl

lined paper for writing pink heart

image via calendariu.com

lined paper for writing rose

image via pixelforall.com

If your children or students are already able to write neatly on wide lined paper sheet, you can ask them to try practicing their writing on small lined paper. The small lined paper sheets are presented as follows.

lined paper for writing for work

image via pics5.this-pic.com

lined paper for writing 2016

image via worldaccordingtomaggie.com

lined paper for writing free

image via sniffalyze.com

lined paper for writing small line

image via atlanticvictoriafoundation.org

By using those lined paper sheets, you can observe how well your students or children’s writing skills are. You may ask them to write down easiest things such as the names of themselves, family, fruit, or animal. Have fun on your writing activity with your students and see you on the next post!