Who’s here is a fan of mermaid? Not many people are familiar with mermaid, but it is probably not the case for children. There are already many TV Shows, cartoon, and movies which used mermaid as the theme. Doing a bunch of activity with mermaid as the featuring media will sound fun in your children’s ear.

Therefore, this time we have prepared the best collection of little mermaid activities for your kids who love mermaid. These activities contain many coloring and other exercises that will be an easy activity for children. Check out the first mermaid color page in the image below!


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Mermaid is an imaginary creature described in stories, with the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish. Children are probably familiar with mermaid from Disney’s Ariel, which is a famous mermaid cartoon character. The worksheet above is a circling exercise in which children are asked to circle all the m letters. Other kinds of activities involving mermaid are posted in the following images.


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These mermaid color pages are designed in simple images so that it will be easy for children to color them. By giving children these little mermaid activities, they will be able to imagine and train their brain to colorize the images base on their imagination.


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little mermaid activities printable

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All these worksheets are printable, you can save it by right-clicking on the chosen image and print them all for your children. Have a fun activity!