Have you ever thought of giving your children more or less worksheets? For children who are in the middle of learning on how to count number correctly, these worksheets will help them in noticing and recognizing which groups contain greater numbers.

You can get the worksheets by saving the pictures below.

more or less worksheets preschool

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Doing more or less worksheets can help children to train their counting ability as well as understand the concept of ‘which is greater vs which is lesser’. In the worksheet above, the command is simple, ask your children to simply circle the number which is greater than the other one. The worksheets presented below contain the more or less tasks with pictures as its elements.

more or less worksheets new

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more or less worksheets free

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more or less worksheets for school

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Greater number means having more quantity, meanwhile lesser number means having less quantity.  By counting each group correctly, the one with the greater number will be recognized. Other more or less worksheets that you can save and print for your kids are presented as follows.

more or less worksheets for kids

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more or less worksheets for practice

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After your children finished doing these worksheets, don’t forget to always gift them with the rewards that you can get in this site. Have a nice day!