Time to learn about the number! Today we will share to you several number 8 worksheets for children to be used as the media for them to learn about the number. This time number 8 is chosen as the theme of the worksheets.

Number 8 is preceded by number 7 and is followed by number 9. Its shape is pretty easy to write since it looks like two circles combined. Here for you are the number 8 worksheets that you can save and print for your kids!

number 8 worksheets new

image via coloring-4kids.com

Learning number 8 should be completed by doing writing and counting exercises like what is shown in theĀ number 8 worksheet above. Children can learn to count the number of the basket balls and then color in the number 8 written on its side. This is to make children’s hands accustomed to write the number properly.

number 8 worksheets for preschool

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By repeatedly doing the writing or tracing number 8 like those in the worksheets above, ultimately children will be able to write the number correctly. Guide your children until a proper and perfect number 8 can be made successfully.

number 8 worksheets for practice

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Learning numbers should be done at early ages. Thus, children will not be confused in differentiating each number. Hopefully this number 8 worksheets will be a great contribution in your children’s learning process. See you!