When learning numbers, children are also expected to understand how the numbers are named and spelled in words. To help children comprehend the words of how a certain number is addressed, we have prepared the best selections of number words charts for children.

They can use the media to learn naming numbers along with its spelling and writing. Check out the images posted below!

number word chart apple

image via www.daycarerescource.com

There are many points to evaluate when children are learning numbers. First, they have to be able to count the numbers in the correct order. Second, they are expected to know the concept of each number and for what count a number represents. Third, they have to know the name or how to address a certain number correctly. There are many other number word  charts like the one posted below.

number word chart colorful

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number word chart fun

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number word chart picture

image via www.kheliyatoys.com

These¬†charts that we provided in this post were designed with many interesting pictures that will attract your kids’ interest in learning. After they are done learning the number words, give them the exercise version that you can find in this site so that your kids will be more trained in correlating each number with its name as well as how to write and spell it correctly.

number word chart printable

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number word chart simple

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number word chart star

image via www.tjhomeschooling.blogspot.com

From 1 to 100, help your children in developing their understanding in numbers by giving them these charts. See you on the next post!