Have you taught your kids about pan balance? Encourage them to think about equivalence and balancing with this Pan Balance Worksheets.

Build up to algebraic thinking by exploring this balance worksheet collection and challenge your kids to solve these pan-balance problems.

Pan Balance Worksheets Box

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In this pan balance worksheet, things go into the two pans, and the heavier pan will go down, like in a seesaw. If the two things weigh the same, the balance stays balanced. What your kids have to do is make the pan balance. The object to be weighed is placed on 1 pan. These printable worksheets aimed at building independent practice for students to experiment with Pan Balance.

Pan Balance Worksheets Printable

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Pan Balance Worksheets Problems

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Students start by identifying weights to balance an object. This simple exercise familiarizes them with how the pan balance responds to changes. The pan balance is a great concrete visual that helps primary students see beyond the complex math problems.

Pan Balance Worksheets Shape

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Pan Balance Worksheets Sheet

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Pan Balance Worksheets Variable

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Telling the balance of two things will help your children in noticing differences as well as measuring things. They have to be able to accurately tell the balance of each item and see which one is heavier or lighter. Use this worksheet as a basic assessment after teaching about weight and using a pan balance.