Hello! After posting about the pictures of number 5 yesterday, today we will continue to post another number’s pictures for you to save and print. This time it is the number 10!

We will share several picture of number 10 for you to print and give them to your children as their media on learning number 10. Check out these pictures below!

picture of number 10 simple

image via www.49-floor.com

The picture of number 10 above is the simple and non-modified version of the number sheet. You can print and use this as the introductory card or picture for your children to recognize the basic form of number 10. After they already understand the form of the number, you can continue by giving them the more modified versions of the pictures like the ones posted below.

picture of number 10 2016

image via pointaccesmultimediaoletta.com

picture of number 10 for kids

image via www.prokind.com

picture of number 10 free

image via www.colormountain.com

The cartoon version of the number 10 pictures are cute and adorable. It will make your children happy and fun while learning to understand the number. There are also the colored versions of the pictures like the ones given in the following pictures.

picture of number 10 new

image via alwaysinfo.co.uk

picture of number 10 red

image via openclipart.org

picture of number 10 yellow

image via www.famouscutouts.com

picture of number preschool

image via printablecolouringpages.co.uk

Using these pictures of number 10, the learning process of your children to recognize number will be more effective. Therefore, don’t forget to save and print them all for your children! Wish you a great result!