Let’s learn alphabet again, kids! What is the alphabet that we will learn today? Are you probably going to teach your students about letter S? Today we have prepared for you the best selections of letter S worksheets that you can save and print for your preschool kids. Letter S comes after letter R and preceding letter T.

Check out these worksheets that we have provided below!


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In these letter S worksheets, there are a variety of exercises that you can print for your children such as coloring worksheet, tracing, writing, and so on. You can start by giving them the introducing worksheets that will introduce them to letter S. By doing these exercises, your children will be more familiar with the shape of the letter and they will be able to write down the letter by themselves.


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letter s worksheets sheep

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After they have been familiar with the form and shape of the letter, continue by giving them tracing and writing exercises to test their ability in writing the letter on their own. If they have been able to write letter perfectly, you can give them the other writing worksheets to sharpen their knowledge and coloring skill.


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To get the images, you just need to simply click on the chosen picture to enlarge it and right-click to save it. Make your children be more skilled in writing letter! See you on the next post!