Have your students or children been able to draw, read, and solve problems based on tally charts? This occasion we have prepared more selections of tally chart worksheets for your students!

These worksheets are provided in high definition that you can save and print for your kids to help training their skills in solving problems based on tally marks. Check out the pictures of the worksheets in the following images.

tally chart worksheet animals

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Tally charts are usually grouped in sets of five, to aid the counting of the frequent for each value.  One vertical line is made for each of the first four numbers, while the fifth number is represented by a diagonal line across the previous four. It provides an immediate visual form of the distribution.

tally chart worksheet counting

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tally chart worksheet foods

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tally chart worksheet for girls

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Choose the worksheet that you think is the most suitable to the capability of your children. Each of the worksheet presented in these pictures contains certain problems with tally charts which require students to derive certain information based on the charts. You just need to simply click on the image to save it!

tally chart worksheet for kids

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tally chart worksheet printable

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tally chart worksheet season

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Help your children in learning how to solve problems using these tally chart worksheets! Have a meaningful learning!