Testing your kids’ brain to be more developed is important. There are so many ways to test your children’s brain ability, and one of them is by sensing similarities and differences. Let’s have simple same and different worksheets with your children! In this post, we will share several worksheets which contain the exercises relating to the concept of ‘same and different’.

Children are expected to notice ‘what is different’ and ‘what is the same’ between two things. The worksheets are presented as follows.


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Brain works the best when you are still young. But still, you need skill and you have to be well trained in working using your brain. Spotting and noticing differences are sometimes tricky, especially for children. Moreover, it will be more difficult if the objects that they are observing have similarities. For this reason, children have to be trained in spotting what is same and different between two or more objects.


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Using familiar and interesting objects will help to ease children in noticing the differences. Hence, these exercises are made using familiar objects to ease and assist the children in spotting the differences or similarities.


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Make your kids more trained in working using their brain by printing these worksheets! See you on the next post!