Let’s learn how to skip count! This time we will share to you the best exercises of skip count in these skip count by 2 worksheets for children with various exercises which can be used to test and train your children’s ability in skip counting by 2.

Check out the worksheets in the following images!


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To work on these skip count by 2 worksheets, children have to be always aware of the orders of the counting based on the skipped numbers. Memory becomes the most important element which supports this activity. Skip counting by 2 is the starting point for children in learning how to count.


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In choosing the worksheets, consider the grade and the counting level of your children so that they will not be confused and troubled with the exercises. These worksheets are created as fun and interesting as possible for your children to have an enjoyable learning.


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Skip count is one phase of children’s number learning. Don’t forget to print these worksheets and give them to your children for the better understanding on skip counting! Have a successful learning!