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Tally Chart Worksheet Printable

Here you find our choice from printable tally chart worksheets for kids.

These printable worksheets and activities for teaching students about drawing and counting tally marks are great for math class or homeschooling.

Tally Chart Worksheet Bicycle

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Tally Marks First Grade

Browse Tally Marks First Grade worksheets resources on Activity Shelter! These tally mark worksheets are made for first grade students which will work well as tally marks review activities.

Tally charts graphing data worksheet provided below are purposed to practice counting tallies and interpreting the graph at first grade level. Browse the tally mark worksheets below!

Tally Marks First Grade Count

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Free Tally Mark Worksheets to Print

This page has printable tally mark worksheets for teaching students about drawing and counting tally marks. This collection of Tally Marks Worksheet will help to train your child to read simple tally charts and bar graphs and answer data questions.

Tally worksheets contain counting marks, reading tally graph; and more. We’ll start by giving you the tally mark worksheet below.

Tally Marks Worksheet Number

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Tally Mark Worksheets

Help your kids in learning tally marks by giving them these printable tally marks worksheets. Children have to be taught and trained in drawing or making tally marks by themselves in order to sharpen their skill in grabbing information and solving problems!

The best selections of tally marks worksheets are available to be printed in high definition. Check out the pictures of the worksheets in the following images.

tally mark worksheet color theme

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