Kids like something challenging and interesting, therefore these printable birthday crossword puzzles are worth a try.  These crosswords contain simple and easy questions about birthday that will help you to test your kids’ skill in answering questions based on hints.

Scroll down for the best selections of crossword puzzles for your kids and ask them to find and complete the crosswords based on the given hints!

birthday crossword puzzle easy

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Kids’ brain is the best when it comes to concentration and memorizing. Working on crosswords or puzzles helps your kids to be more active in using their brain. Crosswords contain blocks that have to be filled with the answers, and kids are given some hints regarding the questions and they have to find the right term to fill in the blocks. These birthday crosswords puzzles require logical thinking and training your children’s memory skills in completing the crosswords.

birthday crossword puzzle free

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The worksheets in this post are all easy and simple to fill in. Moreover, they were created with interesting theme or topic which children are really familiar with. When your kids are looking bored when they are studying, just give them one of these crosswords and ask them to work on it.

birthday crossword puzzle hard

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birthday crossword puzzle printable

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These puzzles will surely be a good alternative to help enlighten the mood of your children! Don’t forget to print all these crosswords and hand them to your kids! More crosswords are available in the other posts in this site!