Who’s here love fairy tale? Kids especially girls, surely love things related to fairy tale, anime, and cartoon. Since the world of fairy tale is inseparable part of kids’ daily life, it will be a great idea to have fairy tale as the theme for their coloring activity. Hence, we have prepared for you the best selections of fairy tale color pages especially designed for your kids to color in.

These color pages have great pictures of fairy tale characters that can attract your children’s interest in doing the coloring activity! So, check them out here!


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Ever since long ago, the world of fairy tale has been famous for kids. There are many things that adapt fairy tale theme such as short story, cartoon, anime, movies, comic book, and many more. These fairy tale color pages are created in a way that children can select and print as their media in coloring activity.


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Using fairy tale as the theme of coloring pages appeals more to children since it allows them to explore their imagination in coloring. Creativity is needed in coloring these sheets. Therefore, their skills in coloring will be much improved.


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Choose the best and suitable color sheets for your children and make them happier in doing a fun and enjoyable coloring activity! See you later!