If your little ones love the Three Billy Goats Gruff activities, they’ll love these hands-on activities that go along with the story. Children usually like stories like this one, because why not?

There’s just something about the goats trip-tramping across the bridge that made them laughing every time. So, let’s fire your students’ imaginations and learn new words with these activities. First, the coloring activity will be one of the best options.

three billy goats gruff activities coloring

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In this post, we also provide you Three Billy Goats Gruff activity with retelling sheet. Get writing going with your children’s own “Three Billy Goats Gruff” story sequencing and writing worksheets. Kids can write their own version of the story, or make up a new adventure for the Billy Goats Gruff. Other kinds of worksheets are posted below.

three billy goats gruff activities retell

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three billy goats gruff activities printable

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three billy goats gruff activities maze

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There are maze, connecting dot to dot, and many other interesting worksheets dealing with the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff to make your kids’ studying activity way more fun and enjoyable. You can choose any sort of activity that suits best with your kids’ skill and interest. More worksheets are as follows.

three billy goats gruff activities dot

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three billy goats gruff activities for kids

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three billy goats gruff activities free

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All presented are the free printable teaching resources for The Three Billy Goats Gruff traditional story. Enrich your kids’ new world on story telling and expand their creativity by giving them these worksheets!