Evaluation is important to review children’s learning activity. One way to do evaluation is by giving them exercises that will highlight their assessment in certain things. Making a game for your kids is one of the options. The game must include activities that will make them think and use their knowledge that they have learned.

Scramble is one of the most famous games which is widely played by not only adults, but also kids. For that reason, we have prepared for you the best word scrambles worksheets that you can print and play with your great kids!


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Word scrambles are useful to test your kids’ understanding and knowledge in daily vocabularies. These word scramble worksheets are fun game that will have your kids racing to unscramble the words as quick as possible. These word scrambles are perfected in designs and free to be printed within minutes. Scroll down to see more scrambles!


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To play these scrambles, give your kid a copy of the list and a pen or pencil. They must unscramble all of the words or play until all the worlds are unscrambled. You can also hold this game with more than one kid. The first kid to unscramble all of the words or the one who unscrambles the most words in the allotted time is the winner.


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It’s fun right? Don’t forget to save and print all these word scrambles for a fun and happy activities with your kids!