Have you taught your kids on skip counting? If you haven’t, let’s do it and ask your kids to learn how to skip count! Normally, children are taught to do skip counting by memorizing the orders of the counting. For example, the orders of skip counting by 5 are 5, 10, 15, and so on.

Hence, we’ll start by giving your kids a collection of skip count by 5s worksheets for children with various exercises which can be used to test and train your children’s ability in skip counting by 5. Check out the images posted below!


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Skip count is the ability to count numbers in jump. It is basically the skill that children are expected to have to ease them in counting. In skip counting, children have to be always aware of the orders of the counting based on the skipped numbers. Memory becomes the most important element which supports this activity. These skip count by 5s worksheets are created with easy and simple exercises to train children’s ability in skip counting.


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When you are training your kids to do skip counting, you have to ensure them to practice it frequently since it requires memorization which has to be refreshed. These worksheets are created in simple tasks to make the work easier. Furthermore, to make the learning activity more fun for children, many pictures and adorable designs were added to create an interesting learning activity for them. You just need to simply click on the chosen image, enlarge it, and right click to save it.


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Print these worksheets and give them to your children to develop their skill and understanding on skip counting! Have a nice day!