Letter practice is not only purposed to teach alphabet to preschoolers but also to make the learning process more interesting. This time we will share several letter practice that you can save and print for your preschool children.

Starting from the uppercase letter manuscript, you can check it out in the picture given below.

letter practice capital

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You can start to teach your children to learn writing letter by using this uppercase letter practice. After they are able to trace down how to write a letter correctly, ask them to try write the letters down without actually looking into the letter samples. Then, you can give them the following letter practices to introduce them to the other type of letter writing: lowercase letter.

letter practice 2016

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letter practice for preschool

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letter practice writing

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letter practice hand writing

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Teach and accompany them during the learning process carefully. If they manage to learn and memorize how to write alphabets letter by letter, ask them to try write down their names. Other additional types of letter practice that you can give to your children are posted below.

letter practice new

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letter practice for school

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letter practice free

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letter practice for kids

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Learning letter can be memorable if you know exactly how your children enjoy learning. Be sure to print all these letter practice for your preschool kids. Have a fun teaching!