Let’s get your kids to start learning the alphabet by giving them letter A printable!

Alphabet is started with A, and so is your kids’ learning. To help them learning about the shape and form of the letter A, check this most basic printable letter A that you can give to your children!

letter a printable free

image via www.calendariu.com

You can start teaching your children by getting them recognize how  letter A is made. Hand them the very most basic type print out of letter A and ask them to look at it thoroughly. You can then guide and teach them how to correctly write down the alphabet. After they are able to recognize the letter A, you may give the modified shapes of the letter as presented below.

letter a printable for kids

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letter a printable cute

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letter a printable 2016

image via www.kidscolouringpages.org

If the kids have already gotten familiar with letter A, they will not find any difficulty in recognizing the letter even though its shape is modified. You can then give them the other modified versions of letter A like the pictures below.

letter a printable black

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letter a printable colour

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letter a printable pink

image via www.pottytrainingconcepts.com

The step of learning alphabet is crucial in children’s learning process. Therefore, make sure you take part in their alphabet learning by printing them these letter A that we provided above! Happy learning!