Enjoy these free Boggle templates to use in your classroom! The Rules for Boggle is simple, students use the 4×4 grid of letters to create 3, 4, and 5+ letter words.

You can pick your own letters by editing the letter in one of these boggle templates after you printed it. Your students are able to then play Boggle right away.

Rules for Boggle Original

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Not just for fun, Boggle is a game that will enrich your vocabulary. It is a word game that builds word recognition. Have students generate as many words as they can from the letter tiles. This game is similar to the Scrabble challenge but harder. It is more difficult because not all letters are available, just some letters making the choice limited. Students have to use the letters provided to come up with keywords and calculate the total score for each word. Keep your students busy with these fun and engaging Rules for Boggle activities!

Rules for Boggle Word

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Rules for Boggle Teacher

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Playing Boggles, students will reinforce their basic spelling skills and they will be able to train their critical thinking skills to create short words. Give your kids an extra challenge with these printable boggle worksheets. The style of this game is great, fun and can be played by students to help support teaching and learning.

Rules for Boggle Printable

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Rules for Boggle Free

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How many words can you make in the limited time? Make your learning time more fun and effective with these boggle game sheets!