If your kid is one of Sarah and Duck show, then these printable sarah and duck coloring pages will help to keep your kid busy while having fun! With these fun Sarah & Duck coloring sheets, you can totally pick one of the coloring sheets and get your kids all started to decorate the pictures with nice colors.

You can imagine and draw the magnificent scenes surrounding them as well. Sarah and Duck are waiting for you to colorize with nice colors!

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The series follow the adventures of Sarah, a very kind, polite seven-year-old girl, with big eyes, rosy cheeks and a green hat, and her best friend Duck, a mallard. The central theme is the relationship between these two characters and the adventures they have together. With these fun coloring pages, you can create a whole new world for Sarah and Duck! These Sarah and Duck coloring pages are just the cutest and will be your kid’s favorite!

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Duck is Sarah’s best friend, who is a duck. Duck does not have special powers. He is not a crime-fighting dog. He does not talk. He does not sing jingles about trying new foods or learning to share or vowel sounds. Duck is a duck. He quacks, and his singular motivation appears to be eating bread.

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Bring the enchanting world of Sarah and Duck to life by coloring these fun and wonderful coloring sheets! Five detailed coloring pages from popular British animated children’s television series are available here and you can print as many as you need!