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Blank Clock Face Templates

Learning about time is just as important as learning the other subjects. Your children have to be taught about the concept of time, since time is a vital element in daily life. When you are ready to teach your kids about time, don’t forget to also prepare the media. The best selections of blank clock face templates have been prepared for your kids in high definition that they can use as the media to learn telling time.

These clock faces are provided without the pointer in order to let the children draw the pointer themselves. Scroll down the page to see and save the images


image via www.funny-pictures.picphotos.net

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Free Elapsed Time Worksheets

Teaching children how to properly tell time is important. To help children develop and test their knowledge in telling, calculating, and writing theme, we have prepared free elapsed time worksheets that can help your children in learning how to tell time.

Since there are many kinds of time learning that children need to pass, these worksheets contain several clocks faces the learning activity more effective. Check these pictures below and save them!

free elapsed time worksheet analog

image via math-drills.com

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Blank Clock Face Worksheets

It is telling time lesson for your children! The best selections of blank clock face printable have been prepared for you in high definition! These worksheets are prepared for children to help them learning about time.

Containing blank clock faces without the pointer, letting children draw the pointer by themselves. Check out the first image of the worksheet as posted below!

blank clock face worksheet design

image via searchpp.com

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