Learning about time is just as important as learning the other subjects. Your children have to be taught about the concept of time, since time is a vital element in daily life. When you are ready to teach your kids about time, don’t forget to also prepare the media. The best selections of blank clock face templates have been prepared for your kids in high definition that they can use as the media to learn telling time.

These clock faces are provided without the pointer in order to let the children draw the pointer themselves. Scroll down the page to see and save the images


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There are four elements that children need to pay attention on a blank clock face. First, the numbers cycling the clock face. On other clock faces, the numbers are sometimes in Roman or only dots. It shows the hour of time. Second, the hour pointer which is quite short and move slowly. Third, they have to recognize the minute pointer. It is longer than the hour one. Last, the pointer which is always ticking is the pointer that shows second.


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Teach your children about the concept of hour, minute, and second, and how to tell it on the clock face. These blank clock faces can be used to teach and guide children how to properly read and tell time. Learning time is as crucial as learning other lessons, therefore it is expected that children will be able to tell time by using these blank clock faces template.


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image via www.theteachersguide.com

Give your kids several questions involving time and ask them to draw it on the templates! All these blank clock faces are printable so don’t forget to print it! Make sure to give your children rewards after they’re done drawing time!