Hello, everyone! This time we will share to you several printable clock for children that you can use as exercising media. What your children need to do with these clock worksheets is just drawing the hour, minute, and second ticking machines according to the given time.

Check out these clock worksheets below!

Printable Clock 2016 new

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Firstly, you need to prepare several questions containing times, then you ask your children to draw the ticking machines based on the time that you gave as the question. Remember that the length of the ticking machines for hour, minutes, and second are different.

Printable Clock simple

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Printable Clock free

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Printable Clock for kids

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Before continuing to the next printable clock,make sure that your children already understood the concept of reading and naming time on clock. You can also draw certain time on the clock worksheet then ask your children to name the pointed time. Easy, isn’t it?

Printable Clock cool

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Printable Clock black

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Printable Clock 2016

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Understanding the concept of time is really important in children’s early education. Therefore, by using these printable clock worksheets that we provided above, make a clock learning activity with your children! Have a nice day!