Let’s do the same and different exercises with your children! In this post, we will share several worksheets which contain the exercises relating to the concept of ‘same and different’.

Children are required to understand ‘what is different’ and ‘what is the same’. To achieve that, they have to be tested using these worksheets to know how far they can point out similarities and differences. The worksheets are presented as follows.

same and different 2016

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Spotting and noticing differences are sometimes tricky, especially for children. Moreover, it will be more difficult if the objects that they are observing have similarities. For this reason, children have to be trained in spotting what is same and different between two or more objects. Like the ones posted below.

same and different animal

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same and different ball

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same and different colour

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For the objects like fruits, animals, or other familiar things like food, it will be easier for children to notice whether there are certain differences or similarities between these objects. That is why these exercises are made using familiar objects to ease and assist the children in spotting the differences or similarities.

same and different fruits

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same and different picture

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same and different shapes

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Great exercises, right? Make sure you print them all and give them to your children!